Marble flooring is one of the most recognized forms of flooring. This one thing in home decor doesn't go out of style ever. One of the most valuable stones is this marble. So naturally, it is one of the most expensive flooring options. Because there are so many types of marble, choosing the right one for your home can be a bit of a challenge. This guide will help explain the different types of marble and help you choose the right one for your home. Different types of Marble Slabs which have been highly demanded have been listed below.

White Marble is one of the most expensive types of Marble, which is in high demand among people. It is found in India and is available in both domestic and foreign markets. With its unique and attractive appearance, White Marble is irreplaceable. It is available at a wide range of prices, from Rs. 120 to almost Rs. 400 per square foot.

Beige marble is the perfect selection for your house. It brings the warmth and sophistication that everyone desires to the interiors.

Another type of marble for flooring is Yellow Marble, a shade of yellow with some brown tone in it. This gives a very beautiful and traditional look to the floor. It is used mostly on patios and indoors.

Green Marble is one of the most commonly used marble nowadays. Although it is not as popular as White or Black marble, its price is relatively low and its finishes are good.

Blue Marble has been around for quite a while now. It is a very common type of flooring in the market. It is a kind of stone that is brought to India from China. It is the most serene and mellows out among the other marble types.

Pink Marble is an exquisite type of stone to use for flooring. The main reason why it is used for flooring is that it is easy to clean and maintain. The pink colour of this marble brings a pleasant soothing effect to your interiors.

Brown Marble is a type of marble, which is available across the world. It is a warm shade of marble and it tends to look lively. It is easy to maintain and can be used for various purposes.

Black marble has always been a popular choice among marble lovers. Marbles from the black family are always in demand. The black marble has an alluring appeal and with the traces of time, it gets even better.

The market is flooded with a number of brands that specialize in manufacturing marble items. You may get confused while choosing the right item or brand for your home. Once you see the different brands of marble, you will realize that they have different colors. As a result, you have to choose the right brand of marble for your home.

You can look for Radhamadhav Marble p ltd. It is well known for its wide range of marble slabs and this is one of the most demanded ones. The quality of the marble is unbeatable, and the price is also the best in the industry.

Over the decades, Radhamadhav Marble has emerged as the forerunner in the industry, offering significant innovations. Sourcing premium marble from Italy, Spain, Croatia, Turkey, Egypt, Portugal, Greece, and China, they have grown to one of the biggest importers in the country. They are among the elite group of large-scale marble and sandstone exporters in India. They ship the products to 12+ countries.

Their legacy of dedication, uncompromising quality, and a customer-focused approach has made them trustworthy to both domestic customers and international buyers.

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