Did you know, the Taj Mahal is completely built with the use of Makrana marble? Yes, the whole structure including the big tomb is fully constructed using marble and they are still as elegant as it was before. The reason behind this is that the marbles are highly durable and resist harsh conditions and retain their glow for a longer period. And this is why marbles are mostly used in the construction of buildings and temples. 

But, before heading further into the topics, let's know more about marbles.


Marbles can be defined as metamorphic rocks that are composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, especially calcite or dolomite. The formation of marbles starts from being a limestone rock that further turns into marbles due to heat and pressure beneath the earth's surface. Naturally, these marble stones are found in bigger sizes i.e. up to hundreds of feet which are cut into smaller pieces for use.

These marbles are naturally found in various parts of the world, but dominantly they are found in a few countries like India, Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, and the United States Of America.

In India, Rajasthan contributes the most in the production of marbles, and one of the best forms of marble i.e. Makrana marble is found in Rajasthan. Other states that contribute to marble stone India are Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. In India, several forms of marble are found in different parts, but besides these forms, imported marble is also found in the Indian market.

Most of these imported marbles are either from Turkey with 52% share and Italy with 23% share. India has great connections with Turkey and Italian marble suppliers to import the best quality product to the country.

Types Of Marbles Found In India

1. White Marble

This is a highly used marble in India as the color looks more spacious visually. The white marble in India has several varieties like Morwad white marble, white sangemarmar marble, opal white marble, etc. They are highly resistant to stains when properly sealed and are the preferable option for flooring and use in the bathroom and kitchen.

2. Yellow Marble

This marble fits best for the ancient house theme. With the use of yellow marble, designing a house with a traditional look gets easier. In India, this marble has several forms like Ita gold marble, antique rainforest marble, Jaisalmer yellow marble, etc.

This marble is used in both the exterior and interior of the house and can be a great option for bathroom or kitchen backsplash areas.

3. Brown Marble

A highly preferred marble type for use in bathrooms and kitchen countertops is brown marble. The reason behind the preference is it can be maintained more easily than any other light-colored marble.

Brown marble has different varieties and among them, some of the popular varieties are rainforest brown marble, ambaji brown marble, aggariya brown marble, etc.

4. Makrana Marble

This is considered the best marble found in India. Makrana marble is found in the mines of Makrana, which is situated in Rajasthan. The cost of this marble is very high but in Rajasthan, the price is comparatively lower. The famous marble varieties found in Makrana are dungri marble, Makrana white marble, Kumari marble, Albeta marble, etc.

5. Black Marble

Black marble is the best option for flooring and using it on walls of the kitchen and bathroom due to its classic color. This marble always stays in trend and till now a preferable one for houses. The varieties of black marble that are available in the Indian market are grey carrarra marble, Indian black marquina marble, nadi black marble, and Indian black marble.

Sometimes people get confused between marble and granite and they often think that both marble and granite are the same. But, there is a difference between the two with a lot of similarities. Some general facts about marble granite are as follows.

Both marble and granite are hard, but the major difference between the two is that marble is more porous than granite.

The appearance of the two stones are almost similar, and can not be identified unless closely observed.

The durability of the two is long, but it depends on the quality of granite or marble picked.

Marble can get stained from food and liquids, but granite will not get any stain until it is coated with an effective sealant barrier.

Radha Madhav Marbles

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Marbles are like a gem in the house that enhances the overall beauty with their shine and smoothness. Read the above features and facts to get an idea of marble and its types. And also learn where and what type of these beautiful naturally occurring things are found.



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