As you walk into any space, the flooring is the first that creates a striking impression as you enter. So, a stunning floor is sure to astound anyone who visits your place!

There are numerous choices available, ranging from marble, tiles to granite. Deciding on a flooring option, such as vitrified tiles versus marble, maybe a difficult undertaking because installation is a time-consuming procedure. As a result, it is vital to take your time and evaluate the alternatives before making a decision regarding your flooring. Before you choose floors for your house, there are a few things you should know.

Settling between the timeless marble and the comparatively modern but equally beloved vitrified tiles is a typical issue for Indian homeowners. Marble is a luxury stone that is mined in huge slabs and then cut into tiles and mosaic fragments. We often tend to forget about the huge slabs by the time it arrives at a tile’s outlet, but these may still be utilised for floors and worktops.

Continue reading as this blog post is sure to ease your dilemma and help you decide the right choice;


Marble is a thick, permeable stone with a high absorption capacity that is produced naturally from calcite, dolomite, or limestone. This stone, which has intriguing swirls and mesmerizing veined patterns on its top. Moreover, marbles are frequently utilised in laying the flooring and wall cladding.

Vitrified tiles are made of a high-temperature-baked combination of clay and various minerals such as silica, quartz, and feldspar. This technique creates a glassy foundation across the tile, giving it a smoother texture. These tiles, which are often covered with an exterior gloss, have a low absorption rate and are long-lasting.


Because of their sumptuous appearance and regal aura, marbles have long been favoured by the wealthy. The natural appearance created by the grain lines in the stones and the sheen of a well-polished marble flooring conveys luxury like no other. Tiles are now produced with exceptional finishes – both glossy and matt – and stunning designs that have an artistic effect.

However, if the grouting lines used while laying tiles are not properly put, they might detract from the high-quality appearance. If you want to give your home a regal appearance, marble flooring is the way to go.


Marbles are thicker and often tougher, and more resilient than thinner tiles. Slabs are so strong that they are believed to be earthquake and fire resilient. On the other hand, Tiles will chip and break as the grouting is pulled out during earthquakes. Slabs withstand not only natural calamities but also the passage of time. Marbles are famous for their strength. 

As a result, it is an excellent choice for long-lasting flooring. Marbles may endure a long time if they are polished on a regular basis and frequently maintained; however, they may turn yellowish with age. During the production process, tiles are subjected to a rigorous vitrification process, which endows them with strength.

However, to avoid damage, vitrified tiles must be handled with care. Tiles may serve you well for the duration of their limited life, but if cracked or broken, they must be replaced totally. Marble is a lot more forgiving material that, if carefully cleaned and maintained at periodic intervals, it may be your flooring for a lifetime. Do you still not believe us? Take a trip to view the Taj Mahal.


Tiles are man-made and come in a variety of price ranges and budgets. Tiles of different styles are available in a variety of price ranges, and placement of this type of flooring is equally inexpensive. Tiles may be purchased ready-made and fitted immediately, resulting in a cheap cost and installation time.

Marbles are more costly than tiles since they are found naturally in stones that are occasionally imported from other nations. Before placement, marbles must be cut to specified sizes and ground. Marble slab placement is a time-consuming and costly operation that requires polishing and finishing after placement.

While deciding between marble and tiles, consider your finances, design needs, space locations, and usefulness. While the former provides endurance at a greater cost, the latter provides a plethora of design possibilities at a cheaper cost. Remember that flooring is a long-lasting décor feature. Hence, pick wisely!

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